Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life in a Peruvian University

I learned something new today….I learned that just because we are different culturally, educationally we are all linked. Today we got the chance to actually interact with Students from one of the State Universities in Peru named Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal
This was the greatest learning experience, in which we sat and had formal and in some cases informal discussions with future graduates, most of which spoke fluent American English. We sat around in a group and talked about world issues that not only affected us as Students, the general population as a whole. The students, mostly majoring in the various fields of Communication, Sociology, and Economics, shared with us there view on such political topics as immigration in the United States, Corrupt Government, and their personal views of their Governments Past, Present and Future in the globalized market.

We also exchanged differences in the process of our education backgrounds; how classes where run, interaction with the Professors, and the student body in general. Though we come from different cultures and background, both UNFV and the University of Nebraska, Omaha have the same common goal in educating young minds and preparing them for the world.
Today I learned what influences the young minds from a different part of the world. More shocking, was their thoughts and knowledge in world affairs, including that of the U.S, which proves more to the theory that other countries pay more attention to world news and government, than that of many Americans.

We where lavished with gifts that represented each students distinct culturally difference and where entertained with a traditional Peruvian Dance of Seduction. After the group interaction, we all exchanged contact information (E mail Addresses) and took plenty of pictures to remind us that we are linked in friendship and as Scholars no matter the distance we go.

This is by far the greatest experience that I have come into contact with since my arrival in Lima and I would not change it for the world.

DeSean Anthony Young (Future Ambassador)


Princesa said...

This is such an awesome experience for you guys. I am so jealous. I know that this experience will be something that will stay with you throughout your entire life. Studying abroad and learning hands on about different cultures should be a requirement for anyone in college because you end up also learning how people view you and the world you live in as well. Be safe and enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...

hi de sean!!! i'm sandra from the unfv of peru!! you call me froggy do you remember me??.. well i have to tell you that i am so sick!!!1 since the day we played under the water and we were wet! i wanted to go to see u at the party and went to the airport but i'm so sick now i can't talk !! it's so hard to me!! i wanted to see u again!! :'( but my sicknees is the best present for me cause when i sneeze i say: oh i'm sick vcause i was playing with do sean,jeff, jeymi,rick,aris and my peruvian partner under the water of the park!!... i wish the ebst for you,was a pleasure to met you. i will never forget you.. thanks for you have a friend don´t forget it!! SMILE,loveu!
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