Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Gammara is a world famous textile market and production center which is world know for it's good quality and wholesale pricing. This gated community of merchants and producers, strives to mass produce and vend many kinds of textile products, but are renowned for their special deals on clothing.
It is an extremely busy area and possesses the highest sales transaction rates in all of Peru. The streets are filled with merchants and consumers all day long, but as the night arrives and the gates close this Lima market district becomes empty. In Gammara neither workers, merchants, nor customers are allowed to live within the districts boundaries. Unfortunately, due to commercial value of Gammara it is one of the most expensive places to buy or rent property. Some development companies go as far to say that it is even more expensive per ft/mt than New York 5th Ave.
Prices are currently increasing and there are many investment opportunities for import or export services in the area. Price per square meter ranges from $4000 - $5000 US Dollars.
There are large buildings with hundreds of 3x3 meter stands inside. Each stand is rented out to individuals at extremely high monthly rates for them to distribute their products to the product in this high traffic zone.

By Oscar Duran

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ocelle said...

Great posting. There is no double R in English words. The district's name is Gamarra. No biggy. It's still a great post.